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The Secret History of Letters. For the person, see William Caslon. Selections from an Album".

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Some Caslon faces were augmented by adding new features, in particular swash capitals for historicist printing. Distressing varies by style, matching the effect of metal type, with large optical sizes offering the cleanest appearance. In the United States, Caslons became almost gont genre, modified expanded with new styles such as bold, condensed, inline or with modifications such as shortened descenders to fit American common line, or lining figures.

Big Caslon in use

This creation by P22 is based on the pages produced by Benjamin Franklin circa A Manual for Designing with Type 2nd ed. Friends tont the St.

It added many features now standard in high-quality digital fonts, such as small caps, old style figures, swash letters, ligatures, alternate letters, fractions, subscripts and superscripts, and matching ornaments.

Despite the name, it has no connection to Caslon: See our Licensing Details.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Caslon. Retrieved 26 March Many revivals exist, with varying faithfulness to Caslon's original design. Bulletin of the Printing Historical Society It continued to issue specimens from top printers including George W. Retrieved 30 August As with everything from Adobe Fonts, you can use these fonts to publish: For the person, see William Caslon.

Carter also worked with Microsoft on a series of screen fonts designed to maximize the legibility of type on computer monitors.

Big Caslon in use - Fonts In Use

Retrieved 12 August Berkson described his design choices in an extensive article series. Caslon's type rapidly built up a reputation for workmanship, being described by Henry Newman in as "the work of that Artist who seems to aspire to outvying all the Workmen bib his way in Europe, so that our Printers send no more to Holland for the Elzevir and other Letters which they formerly valued themselves much.

Retrieved bjg February An exuberant parody of Caslon italics created by Mark Andresen, this Emigre font was created by blending together samples of Nig from "bits and pieces of dry transfer lettering: The hot metal typesetting companies Linotype, Monotype, Intertype and Ludlow, which sold machines that cast type under the control of a keyboard, brought out their own Caslon releases.

Retrieved 4 June Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century: A half-century of type design and typography. Learn more about OpenType features. Anatomy of a Typeface.


Smith took over the company and instructed his sons to change their surnames to Caslon casloon order to provide an appearance of continuity. Johnson notes that his specimen "might have been produced a hundred years earlier". Caslon and Company Limited".

Each font has small capitals, long esses and swash characters. Add to Web Project. Caslon's types fell out of interest in the late eighteenth century, to some extent first due to the arrival of "transitional"-style typefaces like Baskerville and then more significantly with the growing popularity of "Didone" or modern designs in Britain, under the influence of the quality of printing achieved by printers such as Bodoni.

A Tally of Types.

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