Great american cross country road race

Add to My Atarimania. Review score Publication Score Zzap! Languages Deutsch Italiano Polski Edit links. Good graphics, excellent use of night and day along with weather conditions plus one could pick which routes to take.

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Obstacles include weather, road conditions, limited fuel, and the highway patrol. You had to equip your car with armor and guns and fight other cars and take things from cars you defeated?

The Great American Cross-Country Road Race - Wikipedia

This is one the best racer of the 8-bit era!!! The game's title sequence was based on an introduction screen of another Activision video game Master of the Lamps. Missing original disk image! It was fun trying to race as fast as possible without crashing into other cars.

Add to My Atarimania. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The game is in part an adaptation of an earlier Activision game Endurocreated for the Atari console, but with design, graphics and sound expanded to fit the capabilities of the more powerful computers.

Good graphics, excellent use of night and day along with weather conditions plus one could pick which routes to take. When I rafe a boy I never get to the NY. I left the car in my girlfriends driveway after a race at Sears and the next day there was a note asking if we were available for a photo shoot. And it was a nice touch having the police on your tail if you got out of line!

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My mates and I used to play this game and when one of them managed to get on the scoreboard before me I was absolutely devastated! This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat I'm looking for another car game I can't remember the name, anybody?


I loved how this game required more strategy, combining elements of both Pitstop and Pole Position. I think it was top down view high resolution with artifacting and gameplay reminds me of the Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior movie. Can I get up to without getting caught?

Sign In - Register. Should I gun it because I'd get caught if I slowed down?

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Absolute pinnacle of 8-bit racing - the atmosphere of this game is so amazing!! The changing time of day affects gameplay, because the other cars drive faster at night. DeMeo programmed the original version of Road Race on an Atari including sound, music and some graphics.

Best 3d racer on the atari. Nice touch how player can choose to outrun the cop or slow to the speed limit. Greetins from Russia to all.

Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The)

I particularly enjoyed having to race during the night or various weather elements. The game puts the player in the position of a driver of a high-performance car, racing across the United States while passing through its major cities.

Since then, my car is no longer being stopped by anothers and I finally reached coountry NY and got a top rank! As has been said: Take too long in deciding and you always do get caught.

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